Potential Impacts of Marine Energy Development on Scotland’s Marine Ecological Environment

The following sections outline suggested measures/activities for addressing each of the key issues identified through the assessment process on a project specific basis.  These recommendations are based on the current status of the industry, best available knowledge regarding technology development pathways, regulatory concerns and the key environmental issues flagged up during the assessment process. 

The following information is provided for each key issue in relation to a single deployment and a demonstration array: 

Objectives and recommendations are provided with regards to each suggested measure/activity.

This information should be used to facilitate early discussions between project developers and key stakeholders as part of each project specific Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).  The information contained in this appendix should be particularly useful for identifying and defining the following: 

Please note that these recommendations are not prescriptive and should be viewed as a starting point for discussion.  This will help to define the scope of project specific EIAs and environmental monitoring plans. 

It is envisaged that this information will be specifically referred to during kick-off workshops between developers and key stakeholders in preparation for, during and following the submission of project Scoping Reports. 

 Recommended measures for all projects

There are a number of measures which should be undertaken at all times to ensure that valuable information is captured whenever possible.  It is assumed in this appendix that these will be applied by all developers during site preparation work, installation, maintenance and decommissioning work: 

By applying these measures at all times, developers and subcontractors can gather a large body of information which will be valuable during future site development, environmental assessment and permitting work.